This Week’s Releases – 15th December

10 days ’til Christmas everyone, and the race to be Christmas number one is hotting up! As such the album releases this week have been dire, not one I feel needs a mention. Partly because I don’t know/care about the artist’s releasing them and partly because they won’t put a dent in the album charts this week – it seems Take That have it covered, being #1 for the past 2 weeks.

The singles this week though are fairly Christmassy, some more so than others. So let’s run through those which should be acknowledged for this festive season.

The first single which springs to most people’s minds at the moment is of course Alexandra Burke’s version of Hallelujah. There are already so many versions of Leonard Cohen’s now infamous song, and this I’m afraid is not one of the best. Having listened to it a few times I can’t see the point in releasing this particular song, despite it’s religious theme at this time of year. The song is about King David’s harp playing being used to soothe King Saul, something which I’m sure Miss Burke doesn’t know as Cowell and Co. have found a nice crowd pleaser in Hallelujah and couldn’t care what the song is about as long as it sells. Which, sadly, I’m sure it will.

The next single (which is my personal favourite of all the Christmas songs this year) is Geraldine McQueen’s Once Upon A Christmas Song. That’s right Peter Kay’s transexual alter-ego has finally released his/her Christmas song which I have to say isn’t that bad. Obviously it’s a parody of other Christmas songs and how the same one’s are played year after year, which is true. I not only want this song to reach #1 for it’s musical/comedy value but to also stop the X-Factor from claiming yet another Christmas number one! It’s getting ridiculous, and I think this song is the one to stop them.

The final single to come to my attention this week is another festive tune, but this time from The Wombats featuring Les Dennis! You read correctly, Les Dennis has teamed up with the indie poppers who brought us Kill The Director and Let’s Dance To Joy Division to release their new song Is This Christmas. Sadly Les Dennis only features in the video, I haven’t heard him in the song, perhaps he’s just hiding in the mix somewhere. The song is fairly harmless, just what you’d expect from a Christmas song by The Wombats. Happy, chirpy singing and slightly cliché lyrics but it’s what you expect at this time of year really.

Overall these are the three main contenders for Christmas number one, there are also singles this week from Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight and Snow Patrol – but who cares? More indie awfulness to fill the airwaves at this special time of year, bring back Wizzard and Slade! They knew how to write Christmas tunes.


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