This Week’s Releases – 8th December

As the run up to Christmas carries on, it seems more and more artists are releasing singles instead of albums this month. Only one of course will be Christmas #1 and my bet at the minute is on Peter Kay/Geraldine’s Once Upon A Christmas Song. I really hope he/she beats whoever wins X-Factor this year, just to see Simon Cowell’s face when he loses to a male comedian dressed as a woman in a parody of reality TV.

But anyway, on with this week’s releases! There is only one album released this week which interests me in the slightest and that is Wiley’s new album See Clear Now. I’m not really a big fan of the London grime/rap scene but I have a few songs that I know and like, but Wiley isn’t one of them. I don’t know much about Wiley, all I know is that he and Dizzee Rascal had a falling out a few year’s back which is yet to be reconciled. Rascal’s song Pussyhole was named after Wiley supposedly, which isn’t that flattering. Nevertheless Wiley stormed radio airwaves this Summer with Wearin’ My Rolex which is an awful song. Somewhat catchy but not very appealing, but another UK rapper getting some media coverage. His album though may be something truly original, it features collaborations with Kano, Scorcher and Hot Chip. I don’t think the album will do too badly in the charts, but I can’t see it reaching #1, I am interested to hear the track featuring Hot Chip though.

There are a lot of single’s releases this week, most of which aren’t worth that much of a mention. There are a few though which are possible candidates for the number one spot this week, the first of which is Boyzone’s new song Better. We all knew it would happen when Take That returned, Boyzone would soon follow…and here they are. The song like all Boyzone songs before it is atrocious, except now it’s sung by middle-aged men instead of the ‘boys’ they once were. It will of course rank fairly high in the Top 40, all of their fans will come out in force and storm the local HMV to hear Ronan’s latest offering.

Kings of Leon have released their follow up to the hugely successful Sex On Fire entitled Use Somebody. I wasn’t a big fan of Sex On Fire, it was a fairly good track and quite catchy – it definitley deserved the airtime it recieved but Use Somebody (in my opinion) is a much better song. In true Kings of Leon style the song has some beautiful vocal work and is again very catchy. I’m hoping this song does well in the charts as it’s a great song actually written by a band, not a writer for a band – which is rare is today’s charts.

And finally Terry Wogan and Aled Jones have released a single! Need I say any more? The legend of radio that is Sir Terry Wogan has teamed up with fellow Radio 2 host Aled Jones to release a cover of Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth. It’s not be taken seriously but it is worth a listen, and a buy. I shall be on iTunes later to purchase the song, to get an actual Christmas song to number one around Christmas time. Not only that, but it’s Sir Terry Wogan…singing! What more do you need to buy a single?


3 Responses to This Week’s Releases – 8th December

  1. Mindda says:

    Sorry, but it is Radio 2’s Aled Jones, not radio 1’s.

  2. Mindda says:

    That’s Ok!!! – Glad to see you’ve altered it!

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