This Week’s Releases – 1st December

Here we are then, the first day of the month to feature the huge marketing ploy that is the ‘Christmas number one’. There are a lot of singles being released this week, none of which are set to be the Christmas number one as it’s too early yet but there are a lot of hot picks for this week’s top spot.

I’m not going to run through each single, just the ones I have an opinion on. The first of which is Leona Lewis’ version of Run. The Snow Patrol hit song has been reworked into an even more horrid rendition performed by the same songstress who filled our airwaves with the abomination that was Bleeding Love. I will point out now that I’m not a fan of Snow Patrol, I see they’re quite talented but just not to my taste. Similarly I don’t like they’re song Run, so Leona Lewis effectively murdering the song in the studio again isn’t to my liking. However I think this song will do well in the charts as Miss Lewis is a popular artist and the song itself is liked by a lot of people, which is a shame really.

The next single I shall give my thoughts on is Flobots’ Rise. I liked they’re breakthrough single Handlebars, it was catchy and something a bit different to the usual pop music rubbish churned out by record labels day in day out. However this song isn’t as catchy or that different at all. It reminds me of Black Eyed Peas in their vague attempt at changing the world through political lyrics and imagery in the music video, the chorus alone “we rise together, we rise together, we rise together…” just isn’t that inspiring. I’m afraid Flobots to me will be a one hit wonder unless they’re next release is truly original.

The final single to be looked at is that of Slipknot’s Dead Memories. I am a huge Slipknot fan, I have been since I was 11 and I’m going to see them in Sheffield on December 12th. This song however is no where near the best song on the latest album, it’s a good song but there are far better tracks to choose from. It is however radio friendly in the fact it contains no foul language and isn’t really that heavy, it’s quite tame by most people’s standards. It won’t do well in the charts though, despite the fact it’s not brutal heavy metal the average music buyer will see the artist as Slipknot and think “oh God it’s all just screaming, no thanks!” and not purchase the single. Such is that of a metal band.

The Jonas Brothers are also releasing a single this week, but I’m not going to write how bad and cheesy it will be as I’m sure you are fully aware.

No real major albums for release this week, although Bob The Builder has released a new album entitled Never Mind The Breeze Blocks. I won’t buy the album as I’ll never listen to it but I do like the album title and admire the fact that good ol’ Bob is still going strong.

One thing to note from this week’s album releases is the word ‘circus’. Both Britney Spears’ new album and Take That’s new album are titled Circus and The Circus respectively. I’m not sure what animal magic and acrobats have to do with pop music these days but it seems to be playing a major role in naming albums. Both of these albums too are tipped to be big sellers this week so the #1 will feature a circus, but of which kind?


One Response to This Week’s Releases – 1st December

  1. Cram says:

    Slipknot aren’t really metal. Just ask my ‘long-haired friends’…

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