Record Of The Week: Week 3

I apologise for the lack of posting over the past week I have been fairly busy with uni and also the new football manager, it’s very addictive. I have a day off today so I will try to post more than one entry on here today, but I’m not promising anything. So on with the record of the week, week 3!

Single Of The Week: Caspa & Rusko – Bread Get Bun

Still quite possibly my favourite dubstep track of all time, Bread Get Bun is immense in its use of synth work and the good ol’ wobble bassline. Quotes from Football Factory also add to the ‘dirtyness’ of the track which sounds quite raw from start to finish. The bass though is the clincher in my opinion though, Rusko’s trademark wobble bass is used throughout to great effect – overall a fantastic song.

Find it on Bread Get Bun/King George, here:

Album Of The Week: Various Artists – No Thanks! The ’70s Punk Rebellion

As promised I have got an album of the week this time, and it’s a doozy of an album to say the least. Some of you may know that I have rekindled my love for punk music as of late and I decided to expand my knowledge of early punk bands through this 4 disc set…and it worked wonders! For anyone wanting to discover some pioneering punk bands this collection is for you, and for people who are already ‘punks’ I suggest you check it out as I guarantee you don’t know all the songs on there.

There are some well known punk gems on there such as The Clash’s White Riot, Buzzcock’s What Do I Get? and Blondie’s Hangin’ On The Telephone. There are also some songs you knew and liked but didn’t own, for me that was X-Ray Spex’s Oh Bondage Up Yours! and The Adverts’ Gary Gilmore’s Eyes. Some great old school punk tunes by anyone’s standards.

Of the 102 songs on the album I can’t think of a single one I would consider a bad song, obviously I prefer some more than others but that’s just personal taste.

So in conclusion I suggest you go and buy this album now, punk music is still alive and well today so you might as well check out where it all started.

Find it here:

I’ll be back next Friday with another single and album to review, I’m also going to try and get some more posts up over the weekend as I’ve been rather inactive over the past week.


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