This Week’s Releases – 24th November

Obviously the main release this week is Guns N’ Roses’ much anticipated album Chinese Democracy. I’m not going to slate it in this particular post, there will be a review up later today or possibly early tomorrow of how a Guns N’ Roses fan actually feels about the album. I have posted my initial ideas on Chinese Democracy on this blog already, my opinions can be found here:

Other album releases this week include the latest offering from The Killers and (wait for it) Craig David’s Greatest Hits! Have you ever heard of a more pointless album? Craig David has been below average throughout his entire pop career and hasn’t really achieved anything in the music world worth noting, and yet here he is with all of his ‘hits’ on one CD…hoorah! Out of the 15 tracks on that CD I only know 3, admittedly I’m not a Craig David fan but if I was I would surely own his albums and all of those songs already…so why buy them again? The answer is to not buy them again, nowadays I don’t buy a greatest hits album unless there’s some ‘bonus’ material on there such as live tracks, remixes, unreleased tracks etc. This CD however has none of those things, definitley not worth the money.

The singles aren’t much to look at this week I have to say, there are tracks from Coldplay, Madonna, Take That and T.I. All very successful artists but nothing I would consider purchasing or listening to in the near future.

Overall this week’s releases are fairly plain other than Chinese Democracy that has recieved so much hype it’s unbelievable. I’m hoping next week there will be some great singles released for me to buy, it’s been a while.


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