Record Of The Week: Week 2

It’s Friday again so it’s time to dish out another recommendation for songs to listen to and to enjoy. Sadly though as I have been extremely busy this week I haven’t really been listening to many albums so the album feature will not be happening again (sorry, I promise there will be one next week). Instead I’m going to recommend a few tracks which I have been listening to for the past 7 days.

The Mars Volta – Goliath

This is undoubtedly my favourite track from Mars Volta’s latest album ‘The Bedlam In Goliath’ as it is just astounding. So much experimenting going on in one song is unreal, and as it lasts over 6 minutes the song is full of strange musical techniques. The lyrics are great and I do catch myself singing along whilst driving to work, Omar’s voice is perfect for the song and The Mars Volta in general. If you’re a fan of progressive/experimental music then check this song out.

Find it on The Bedlam In Goliath, here:

Ebony Dubsters – Ra (Original Sin Remix)

My new favourite drum and bass track! The bass is so heavy you think your sub is going to explode with the power of it, and the almost anthemic “By the power of Ra!” soundbytes included in the song really add to the feel of the music. The song changes style a number of times but ultimately returns to the powerful beat it churns out at the beginning. Brutal drum and bass music at its best, love it!

Find it on Innovation The Album, here:

Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta

Otherwise known as the Peep Show theme tune, this song is actually really good. The song has quite clever lyrics at times and of course has a really catchy chorus. The vocals are superb and the music is just a happy tune you find yourself whistling on your way to work. Sadly I’m not a fan of any other Harvey Danger song, but this one is a definite gem.

Find it on Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?, here:

Next Friday I will have an album as well, I haven’t had time to listen to albums in full this past week though. I hope you’ll check out one if not all of these tracks, they really are great songs.


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