What’s The Fuss About Attack! Attack!?

This week I have been bombarded with the music media telling me all about this band Attack! Attack!, and to be honest it’s getting rather annoying. Obviously through no fault of the band themselves; magazines, radio stations and other outlets have been hyping this band up something rotten. When flicking through Rock Sound magazine I saw them over 5 times, each time being informed of how good this band is and that I should ‘check them out’. Even Lincoln University’s Siren FM radio station have given Attack! Attack! some attention, on the Monday night Silver Sounds show (check the show out, it’s got some good interviews with bands).

So I have given up, I’m going to listen to Attack! Attack! and see what all the fuss is about.

I have to admit, I didn’t want to like this band. The name sounds quite cheesy and I had been informed that they sound like a “radio friendly Funeral For A Friend” which didn’t raise my hopes much. However after listening to the song ‘This Is A Test’ my opinion has changed slightly. The song is fairly easy to listen to and at no point did I want to turn it off, although it could have finished sooner. It reminds me of ‘Everyday Combat’ by Lostprophets for some reason which I can’t put my finger on, I think it’s the guitar-work. Musically the song is good and the vocals too aren’t too bad, lyrics aren’t very imaginative and I can’t see myself singing along in the near future.

Oh dear, I have instantly lost confidence in the band. Listening to ‘Honesty’ is basically like listening to a failed Fall Out Boy B-Side. The vocal style is completely different to that of the previous track and I can see Patrick Stump singing this song under different circumstances. The song is painful to listen to at parts, the vague attempt at a breakdown was pitiful. The ‘trying to be catchy’ chorus “honesty didn’t get me anywhere” is almost cliché and not very thought provoking.

The third and final track of my listening experience is ‘You & Me’, which again features the Fall Out Boy wannabe whining his heart out. Before the vocals began I thought this song was going to be great, the intro is strong but it’s all downhill from there. Again the chorus is generic and sung repeatedly for way too long, whether the band ran out of ideas for the verses of just couldn’t be bothered to write any I don’t know, what I do know is that it’s lazy songwriting.

Overall then I can see why the band is getting so much coverage at the minute, as it’s another American happy-happy-joy-joy pop punk band which can be marketed to screaming 14 year olds who think the song is all about them. Now I know people connect with music and many songs I’ve heard can be related to me and my experiences, but the problem lies when countless bands of the same genre write all their songs on the same subject. It’s a great way to gain fans but not such a great way to be recognised as a great artist.

So I’m sorry Attack! Attack!, I did like you to begin with until the Fall Out Boy-esque vocals took hold. If for some reason you’re the support slot at a gig I go to then I’ll jump around, I just won’t buy your merch.

Attack! Attack! – I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry Cover)


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