This Week’s Releases – 17th November

There’s undoubtably a lot of music being released this week as there is every week, but I thought I’d give my two cents on the more notable releases this week!

Tom Jones has released a new album it seems, entitled ’24 Hours’. I can’t say I’m overjoyed at the fact that Mr. Jones has rejoined the music world as it seems the world was a much happier place without him. I have seen no promotion at all for this album, I just know it’s being released today. Chances it will position quite high in the charts though as it is the ‘legendary’ Tom Jones in all his glory. I just can’t understand his need to release another album though, it makes no sense. It’s not like he needs the money, mind you some cynics out there say “it’s not about the money” which maybe it’s not – but why now and why not promote it? It seems to me the album was most likely a rush job and as such offers no new musical gems for music lovers to enjoy.

The same (in my eyes) goes for both Dido and Rod Stewart. Dido hasn’t done anything worthwhile in years, ‘Thank You’ was her biggest hit which was obviously due to the sampling on Eminem’s ‘Stan’. However the monotone songstress is back with new album ‘Safe Trip Home’. I haven’t heard the album but again I can’t see why Dido is releasing another album as no-one is really that bothered about her anymore.

Rod Stewart on the other hand is of course world famous and widely regarded as a great artist. But once more I am in shock and confusion over why another artist from the ‘older times’ has come forth with a new album. It could be for the money, it could be that his die hard fans cried out for more or even that he’s looking at appealing to a younger audience – who knows? What I do know is that Roddy boy will be making a fair bit of money from this album, which will most likely sell well…for this week at least.

The singles this week aren’t very special either. With the latest offering from Duffy being the most likely to hit the #1 spot. Duffy isn’t all that bad in my opinion, admittedly there are a lot of artists out there in a similar vein but she is the best of the worst. However after the success of her previous singles Mercy and Warwick Avenue isn’t it time for Duffy to hit the studio to work on a second album? Singles only get you so far, albums are definitley the way forward in the music business.

Pendulum are releasing their track ‘Showdown’ which isn’t a bad track, it’s just nothing special. I have only recently got into the drum n bass scene but I know what I like, and I don’t particularly like this song. Pendulum’s first album Hold Your Colour was – for lack of a better word – immense. So many great tracks on that album, but their current album In Silico leaves much to be desired. I know a few people who like the album and to be fair it isn’t bad, just not great. ‘Showdown’ too isn’t a great song, it sounds like the rest of In Silico – drum n bass background noise with singing over the top – also known as ‘annoying’

These are my opinions on this week’s more notable releases, there are also singles released this week from The Verve and The Killers…but to be honest I don’t rate either band anymore. Outlived their prime and now just hanging around the airwaves and going on tour until the fans eventually run out of money – now that’s rock n roll!


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