Record Of The Week: Week 1

I’ve decided to start this little feature on my blog, to possibly introduce people to some new music or merely offer an opinion on music you already know. I’m going to write this little piece every Friday (hopefully) and it will include both a single of the week and an album of the week (except this week). These will not necessarily be recent tracks or albums, as not all new music is actually good.

Single Of The Week: A Wilhelm Scream – The Rip

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I have been raving about this band as of late. I have recently rekindled my past love for new American punk music and A Wilhelm Scream personify the genre perfectly. The song The Rip is fuelled with anger and emotion but it’s also melodious and catchy. The chorus somehow manages to drill itself into your head and stick with you all day, the song has just been on my stereo all week.

Find it on their album Mute Print, here:

I will include an album next week, I don’t particularly have a favourite album for this week and I didn’t want to lie about what I’ve been listening to.


One Response to Record Of The Week: Week 1

  1. Emma says:

    Good idea Luke, nice to see some initiative 🙂

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