Another Innovation In Online Music

Launched this week is a brilliant little resource for music lovers, known as We7. This website is filled with thousands of albums and singles which are available to listen to in their entireity for free! Not just pop music either, I’m currently listening to Hot Water Music as I have been meaning to check them out for a while and this website allows me to listen to 3 pages worth of their material (unlike Myspace Music which usually includes 4 songs maximum on an artist’s profile).

I’m not sure whether We7 is going to take over Myspace Music as Myspace Music is definitley a handy little tool when researching bands or simply wanting to check out new music, but We7 seems much more professionally done. With the option to purchase any one of the songs on the website for 77p (2p cheaper than iTunes) some could argue that it will soon rival Apple in the online music market…but I doubt it. Unless We7 manage to encourage artists who are not part of iTunes to sign up for their online music store, then iTunes will still reign supreme for the forseeable future.

Despite this, We7 is still very much a ‘must have’ on your bookmark list if you’re really interested in music as it has many more songs on offer than Myspace Music and they’re good quality too (the majority of songs on Myspace Music are of reduced quality).

We7 also features an unsigned artist section which allows bands to upload their own material for people to listen to and rate. My suggestion if you’re in a band is to get yourself on We7 as it can only be beneficial, who knows your music might influence a lot of people?

So here it is:, get yourself over there and discover a new world of music!


2 Responses to Another Innovation In Online Music

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