Simon Cowell Will Kill Music Television

This news may be common knowledge to people now but I’ve been too busy over the past few days to put my opinion on the matter onto the screen, so here it goes.

It has been reported that Simon Cowell himself is going to bring Top Of The Pops back! But to ITV. This is one of the reasons why I can see TOTP failing again. TOTP ended in 2006 after a 42 year run on the BBC which to be fair is a very long time for a television show, especially a music show. The only reason that TOTP survived was that it changed with the times and incorporated new, weird and underground bands onto the show – which music lovers like. Actual music lovers don’t listen to manufactured pop music such as the X Factor drivel Simon Cowell is pumping into the living rooms of our nation every Saturday night.

Simon Cowell has built his empire on knowing what will become #1 in the charts, which are predominantly pop. I can see now that the new TOTP will be another outlet for Mr. Cowell to force his latest plastic popstar onto the world, but it won’t be the same. T4 music is sort of along the right lines, they have a lot of underground and lesser known bands but it’s usually on at 2am which isn’t really primetime viewing. Also as TOTP will be broadcast on ITV it means there will be adverts, woo hoo. There will probably be 2 songs MAXIMUM in each part then we’ll be blown away by adverts for car insurance, or injury lawyers or a variety of brightly coloured cleaning products – things that really appeal to the youth of today.

Basically this is going to be the death of music television, not even MTV plays music any more. That’s been spread amongst it’s children (MTV2, MTV Base etc) which are on 24/7, TOTP is going to be an hour long and have pop song after pop song after cheesy pop song and no-one will care. Of course I could be wrong and this venture will change music as we know it…but I doubt it.


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