The Band Remains The Same?

So it seems Led Zeppelin is going to return after all, but without Robert Plant. This has left (I’m sure) a lot of Zeppelin fans like myself divided on the issue. On one hand I am annoyed that Plant has denied to join Zeppelin on their reunion tour, but on the other I don’t think one man should hold back possibly the world’s best rock band from reuniting for their millions of fans.

Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones told the BBC that a new singer was being sought after Plant ruled himself out. NME have reported that Alter Bridge’s vocalist Myles Kennedy has been rehearsing with the band lately.

Now I’ve heard some of Alter Bridge’s stuff, and I like a couple of songs ‘Find The Real’ is a pretty good tune. But they have a completely different sound to that of Led Zeppelin. This of course isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re going to front the band then you should at least sound like them. I have a growing fear that Zeppelin are going to turn into a poor tribute version of themselves, which cannot happen! Led Zeppelin are one of the biggest and best rock n roll bands of all time, and they can’t have a ‘final’ tour without Robert Plant.

On the other hand however this is probably the only chance that people like myself are going to have to see Led Zeppelin live before they eventually give up. If Robert Plant is not there, it is still Zeppelin in all their glory performing some of the greatest songs ever written. If Led Zep do go on tour without Robert Plant I would still try my hardest to get tickets for the nearest show, but if Plant does decide to reunite then I would even pay eBay prices for a ticket.

So whichever way this goes, I’m still going to try and go. But if Robert Plant suddenly has a change of heart and decides to go on tour with his bandmates then I will definately be there, no matter what it takes.

But as it seems Plant won’t be changing his mind, here’s a video of Alter Bridge doing a cover of ‘Kashmir’. It’s not bad, but it’s not Robert Plant!


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