Drugs End Dubstep Night In Lincoln

This post is just a quickie whilst it’s still in my mind, and it’s about dubstep in Lincoln. There is a very small following of the genre throughout the city yet certain clubs and promoters put on dubstep nights to support the niche group. I think this is great as I am a dubstep fan and a few months ago there was nothing like it in Lincoln, yet now there are many nights dedicating themselves to drum and bass/dubstep. However, people do tend to ruin things don’t they? This past weekend I went to a dubstep rave at The Cell, it wasn’t busy in anyone’s eyes but the people there were having a great time – myself included. Due to run from 10pm through until 3am the night was sure to be good, especially with the clocks going back an hour to add an extra hour of dubstep (meaning it would technically finish at 4am). However it finished at 2:30am thanks to two guys who felt it necessary to take too much of a certain substance. I’m not completely sure what it was but I’m 99% confident I do know what it is, and it’s a stupid drug. I’m not going to name it in case I’m wrong but these two men were incapable of movement besides shaking and couldn’t open their eyes. They were carried out by bouncers and I’m presuming their friends, ambulances were called and the night was shut down. Annoyance ensued. DJs and fans alike were stood outside in sheer disbelief that the night had ended an hour and a half early. So we had a cigarette and went home, angry that what should have been a tremendous night of dubstep was cut short by just two careless people.


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