A Quick Look At wiL Francis

Now I’ve never been a fan of Aiden, that whole ’emo’ scene wasn’t really my thing. A lot of similar bands came out at the same time and they just didn’t appeal to me, but each to their own and all that. However whilst flicking through this weeks issue of Kerrang! magazine it seems Mr. Francis has gone solo! Not really a big deal I suppose but I was always under the impression that lead singers from bands leave to do solo projects if the band starts to fail, but I’ve heard no word of this.

Nevertheless this little rant isn’t about Aiden or their current status, it’s about how wiL Francis has a cigarette in his hand in every single picture promoting his new album. Now I’m not ranting about him smoking as I smoke myself, it’s about how he’s doing it just to look ‘cool’. I feel as though I can say this as I smoke, but smoking doesn’t make you look cool. Anyone that smokes will tell you that, it might make you look ‘hard’ in front of your friends at school but not any more.

Here is what I believe to be the cover of his album Hate Culture. I found it on his myspace page and yet again he is smoking to look cool in front of his fans – and this bit is what started the rant. I smoke anywhere from 5 to 20 cigarettes a day depending on what I’m doing (which I’m OK with) but I hate seeing other people being peer pressured into smoking, it really angers me for some reason. Now if you are a fan of Aiden/wiL Francis/William Control you will more than likely be aged 13-16 and highly impressionable. So if you really like wiL and his music and see pictures of him smoking EVERYWHERE then chances are you will start yourself.

So well done Mr. Francis, in a vain attempt to look ‘cool’ you could in fact influence your fans to start smoking, congratulations!

Picture Reference: myspace.com/williamcontrol


3 Responses to A Quick Look At wiL Francis

  1. Your mom says:

    First off, “peer pressure” is by a “peer” pressuring you. That’s why they call it “peer pressure”. A picture or album cover can influence you but not pressure you. If you are going to contribute to false accusations then I suggest you get your facts straight. According to your attention to detail, the album cover of William Control doesn’t say “smoke a cigarette” or “hey start smoking, it’s the cool thing to do”. Your argument and point of view would be much different if you had actually listened to this cd and knew the theme behind it. Let me give you a small heads up of what it entails. The album is about William Control and his last night on earth. He wants to kill himself as expressed through his music. That would explain the cigarette in his hand or maybe the tattoo “Live Fast” across his knuckles. You should really find something useful to do with your time rather then dissing on one of the greatest most talented musical artists to ever live. Also, WiL Francis doesn’t try to look cool nor does he need to I mean come on. It’s WiL Francis. A well known man and a bad ass rock star in every sense. The guy makes money as he sleeps. He would be cool even if he didn’t want to be. Maybe this pertains to jealousy that you are a loser and not famous. I’m not sure. But I do know that you have a lot of spare time to make a website dissing on idols just to piss people off. Besides, young kids and teens these days are bound to smoke anyways. This is merely a waste of time. One person smoking a cigarette is not a big influence at all and most likely if you listen to Aiden or William Control. You smoke. You need to get over your self for you are nothing but a hypacritical piece of garbage. Cigarettes also apply to the theme of his character you dumb ass fuck. He is obviously supposed to be somewhat scary. Your a piece of shit and I would like to meet up with you someday so we could have a little talk.

    Grow up and find something useful to do with your spare moments.

    Thank you for your time.

    See you in hell.

    • Luke Morton says:

      I’m guessing you’re angry by the constant use of the ‘F’ word. How mature. I’m sorry this post makes you feel this way, but it is purely an opinion piece. If you disagree then fine, I’m not going to force anyone to agree with me.

      However, if you want a real “badass rockstar” as you call it, go check out people like Steve Perry, Nicky Sixx and Johnny Thunders. These people are very ‘badass’ and have lived much ‘cooler’ lives.

      Also just because I smoke doesn’t make me a hypocrite. I don’t like seeing people start smoking, I’m not overly happy that I do.

  2. tgpo says:

    I suppose I’m out of the loop here. I’d never heard of Aiden or Will Francis, so I looked them up. My ears are bleeding.

    That’s a terrible album cover though. Clearly created to grab the attention of Twilight fans who have much expendable income and value looks and fashion more than musical ability.

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