14 Years In The Making…

…and who actually cares? I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone is that bothered about Guns N’ Roses’ latest offering. Due for release in the UK on November 24th, Chinese Democracy is the much awaited new album from ‘Axl and friends’. I think there would be so much more hype about this album if it was the original lineup, but sadly it’s not. It’s just Axl the ginger dreadlocked wonder and a band of his merry men, who aren’t that talented. I’ve seen Axl and friends live twice (once at Download Festival and again at Nottingham Arena), and to be fair they were good…and only good. They weren’t mind blowing, they were just good. The songs they performed from Chinese Democracy on the other hand were dire, just cheesy ripoffs of songs they had previously written. Not a single ‘new song’ stood out for me on either night, so I won’t be purchasing the album.

I am confident though that it will more than likely reach #1 in the album charts, just because it’s their first album in 14 years and they still have a large following. There will be a large amount of disappointment though I’m sure, Axl will never top the almighty Appetite For Destruction and he knows it. He’s quite content with running his own legacy into the ground, one record at a time whilst trying to earn some money, just like a real rocker right? Wrong. Axl should have given up a long time ago. His former band members disbanded and formed Velvet Revolver who have been very successful in the music world, having two high selling albums and doing countless stadium tours all over the world. Axl on the other hand might do a tour outside of the US if you’re lucky, even then he might not show up.

So overall I have to say Chinese Democracy is going to be a success for a while, until people actually listen to the tracks. It’s not going to be the same experience as Appetite… or Use Your Illusion, it’s going to be a mediocre attempt at a former glory. Ah well!


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