The Living Daylights Tear Up The Bivouac

It’s another Friday night at the Bivouac in Lincoln, local bands turn up to play to their friends and local music lovers alike. However, tonight the local band seem to be friends with half of Lincoln! Outside the Bivouac well over 100 people wait outside for the 100 tickets reserved for the door whilst the people with tickets are either outside smoking or inside drinking. Not one piece of flesh is left unpierced amongst this crowd of Lincoln’s finest punk followers, who are here to support Lincoln’s best punk band The Living Daylights.

Tonight is their night, it’s their album release show and the second date of their headlining tour. Various members of The Living Daylights and the two support acts (The Shuffle and All Idols Fall) rush up and down the stairs into the Bivouac past the crowd until the doors finally open, albeit 10 minutes late. The crowd are forced through the doors in single file and stand patiently on the stairs hoping their is enough tickets left for them to get in. “It’s just like the good old days” said Bivouac owner Steve Hawkins – and indeed it was.

Filled to near bursting point the Bivouac was turned from a local music venue into a massive party. The bar is packed and the front of the stage is already full of fans for the first band of the evening, All Idols Fall. They propel themselves through a ridiculously fast paced set which gets the crowd pumped up and screaming for more punk than it is physically able to consume. Here to serve up the next dose of mayhem is The Shuffle. Sadly for the first few songs about half the crowd are downstairs still recovering from All Idols Fall, but about halfway through their set the floor is alive again with bodies flying into one another and fists pumping in the air.

Despite both support bands playing some of the best punk the Bivouac has ever seen, nothing comes close to the music and the atmosphere of The Living Daylights. As soon as they walk onto the stage the atmosphere is transformed into both a party and a true appreciation of music. All five members of The Living Daylights look pumped up and raring to go on what is essentially a celebration of their music. Powering through anthemic songs such as Maps and inciting the first major singalong of their set – Carve It Out. The highlight however was the tribute to Calum Howell through a performance of MCD’s Heads Held High during which numerous friends of the band swarmed the stage, whilst the crowd screamed the lyrics as loud as humanly possible. The night comes to a close as they blast through a mind blowing Hanging On inciting the crowd into a frenzy as fans and band members alike crowd surf through until the end of the set. Not one person in the room is left disappointed, everyone is covered in sweat and has a massive smile on their face. The Living Daylights are definately the most popular punk band in this city, and will hopefully soon gain this level of popularity throughout the UK on their tour…they definately deserve it.

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