Bits And Pieces

A few things have caught my eye today whilst reading the latest music news on the world wide web, some much more interesting than others.

The first story is that AC/DC’s latest album ‘Black Ice’ has been downloaded 400,000 times – illegally. As I posted a while back on this blog, AC/DC were boycotting iTunes as they didn’t much care for it and didn’t want fans downloading individual songs. This seems to have gone ‘bellies up’ as it were for the Aussie rock band as 400,000 of their fans have now obtained the album from the internet for free! I’m not saying that if the album was on iTunes then this wouldn’t have happened, but it’s an ironic turn of events in my opinion.

Despite not being released for another week (official release date Oct 20th), the album has been leaked onto many torrent websites. It is reported however that AC/DC’s record label Sony released ‘fake tracks’ online to stop users downloading the album, however Torrentfreak claimed “there was no evidence of the fake tracks online”.

Personally I don’t care for the latest AC/DC offering, I’m quite happy with three of their golden oldies rather than some modern attempt at trying to relive their former glory. And if that many people downloaded the album for free it seems to me that they don’t care enough for it to pay, so haha to you AC/DC.

The second story I saw was that Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip are doing a UK tour, of libraries! I am a huge fan of Le Sac vs Pip and think they’re style of music is both surreal and superb. For anyone who hasn’t heard of them, listen to them now! It’s a cross between random electro beats and spoken word poetry. I’ve seen them live three times now and sadly the library tour isn’t coming near me, but I’d love to see them on this tour. It seems such an odd concept, but at the same time suits Le Sac vs Pip quite well. The tour dates are as follows;

Walsall Library (December 5)
Lancaster Library (6)
Burnley Library (7)
Skelmersdale Library (10)
Poole Library (11)
Gray’s Thurrock Library (13)
London British Library (14)

Prices are £6 a ticket, with £1 off for library members.

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